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The Boston Globe, August 13, 2013

"All gelato is not created equal. Kreindel offers a litmus test to determine quality. “If you want to know if it’s true gelato, try a nut flavor. Nuts are expensive. You can tell immediately if it’s made with real nuts or flavoring,” he says, dipping into some pistachio gelato. “It’s not bright green, but see how intense it is?” A sample delivers a deep, three-dimensional pistachio flavor.

In addition to classics such as caramel-like dulce de leche gelato and strawberry sorbet, Kreindel tinkers with more eccentric flavors. The staff churns out 600 pints a day (priced at $5.99 a pint)."

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"In 2008, Eduardo Kreindel went from architect to artisan, starting a business making gelatos and sorbets with his wife. We caught up with the man behind Giovanna Gelato to learn about the career change, and to talk shop about his frozen confections.

You're not the first architect I've met that has gone on to a totally different career. I had no idea it was such a trying occupation! Why did you end up trading in your t-square for a batch freezer?"

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Newton Patch, January 3, 2012

"When you think about gelato and sorbet, you don’t normally think about either architecture or Argentina, in spite of Argentina’s significant Italian immigrant population. But that is the genesis of Newton resident Eduardo Kreindel’s company, Giovanna Gelato e Sorbet.

Based out of Kreindel’s Newton Highlands home (with full licensure and a small but surgically clean professional kitchen), Giovanna was started in 2008 out of a desire to move into a new line of work after he grew “disenchanted” with his original profession, architecture."

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BostonZest, January 2010

Despite the wind chill outside, it was a perfect day for a gelato provided that you were at theWayland Winter Market. In the tropical setting of the Russell's Garden Center greenhouses, it felt right to pick a flavor or two and stroll the sunny market aisles enjoying a frozen treat.

The gelato vendor is Giovanna's Gelato E Sorbet.

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Boston Globe Magazine, November 2008

Eduardo Kreindel grew up eating gelato in his native Argentina. Most of the purveyors in Buenos Aires, he says, were Italian immigrants who would divide their time between Argentina and Italy, spending the warmer half of the year in each. It's those flavors he's recapturing with Giovanna, the gelato and sorbet company he started this spring. Kreindel's products are sold in restaurants and at specialty markets around town (Capone, Savenor's, Russo's, and others), and he's now scooping at the Tuesday Lexington Farmers' Market and the Friday Newton Farmers' Market ($3.50 small, $4.50 large, $7.50 pint). There's a long list of flavors, but not everything goes to every market every week. Buy what you can when you see it, because his fantastic scoops aren't melting, they're just disappearing quickly.

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Edible Boston, Summer 2008

Dense but not packed, frozen but not hard, flavors as clean as nature, smooth and creamy (from whole milk, not cream), artisanal “Giovanna” gelati and sorbets offers the exquisite sense of “mmmmm…” And perfect mouth feel all the way down. 

“Giovanna Gelato e Sorbet” has just upped the standard for real gelato in the Boston area. Newly launched locally by Argentinian-born Eduardo Kreindel, Giovanna’s (named after his mother) is quickly finding homes in restaurants and local retail outlets and will be at two farmers markets this summer.

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