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Our Founder

One of Eduardo Kreindel’s earliest memories of his childhood in Buenos Aires is being the first in line when the sorbet and gelato factory down the block from his home opened at 5PM. There was a large Italian immigrant population in his city, and they brought their rich gelato-making traditions with them. The lemon and strawberry flavors still stand out in his mind.

An architect trained in Buenos Aires, Eduardo worked in the field for 28 years in Argentina and the USA. All the while, the gelato parlors of his youth were always on his mind, especially whenever he tried to find an ultra-premium gelato in the greater Boston, MA area. When it became time for a new and different creative challenge, he turned to the food industry.

And so, to pay homage to the Italian-inspired, premium gelato of Argentina, Giovanna Gelato was born, but not before Eduardo traveled to Italy in 2007 and visited gelaterias in the small towns throughout the countryside.

But once an architect, always an architect. And his training plays out in his thriving business today. 

“In architecture, you need to have three things in harmony: function, form and construction. No matter what type of design you’re doing, it’s always about function, form and construction and how you put it all together,” Eduardo says. “For me, it’s important that gelato functions for the right purpose: pure enjoyment when you eat it. The form is something that’s constructed right way—in this case, a high-quality, premium dessert. It’s the same thing whether you’re creating architectural pieces or gelato: you have to create harmony. You have to have the right pieces done in the right way.”