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Below are testimonials from some long-standing customers.

Working with Eduardo is great when you want specific flavors and when you want to be creative. He’s always flexible and willing to try new things. All I have to do is tell him the idea and give him 48 hours. When I create a menu, I might need gelato that’s lavender or almond or black currant. Those are not easy flavors to find. I’ll tell him I need a flavor for the next week, and he always gives yes for an answer. He does a large selection for us. The service we have with Eduardo is the same service as if we were to do it ourselves.
— Didier Montarou, Executive Chef at intercontinental Hotel (Boston, MA)

Eduardo first approached me with samples several years ago, and he’s been bringing samples ever since. The sorbets are the true taste of the ingredients—mango is true mango, raspberry is true raspberry. Same goes for the gelatos. I’m always impressed with the natural ingredients he uses and his homemade recipes. But it’s the service that’s really key for us. Eduardo answers the phone himself most of the time. It’s nice to have that personal touch. He comes to the store himself to do tasting demos. A lot of businesses farm that out and you don’t get the same consistency when there’s always someone else doing the demos. Eduardo clearly has a passion for his product. It’s his baby.
— Barbara Hoefer, farm stand manager at Verrill Farms (Concord, MA)

We go way back with Giovanna. We started ordering when they were a smaller operation. There are so many gelato companies out there, and so many of them promise different things. But I know that the product I’m getting from Giovanna is always high-quality. We only carry local items and I love supporting small local companies. It’s part of helping out the local economy. Whenever anyone comes in here with a new type of gelato, I’m reluctant to take it in. If another company came in with a better gelato, which I can’t imagine, it would take much more that the product for us to put it in our freezer. Giovanna never cuts any corners. I’m blown away whenever they do tastings here. You can tell just by tasting their products that the flavors are pure. They use simple ingredients. Pineapple sorbet tastes like pineapple sorbet.
— Teri Volante Boardman, owner of Volante Farms" (Needham, MA)

Eduardo is always willing to create flavors for us. I do “pasta tours”—three-course meals that represent a region of Italy—and I try to serve a nice gelato each time. Eduardo has made us flavors like olive oil. It’s a load off my back to be able to get something customized and not have to make it myself. And it’s great to work with someone who’s excited and passionate about the craft. He’s on time all the time and he’ll ask for suggestions to make sure everything is ok—all the things big corporations don’t do. He’s really accommodating to our needs. If we need different tub sizes for storage in any given week, he’s flexible, which is magical for a small restaurant like us.
— Nuno Alvez, Chef and general manager at Tavolo Ristorante (Dorchester, MA)