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Our Flavor Philosophy

Giovanna Gelato e Sorbet’s flavors are designed for a modern, discriminating palate. There are traditional and contemporary varieties in addition to a seasonal range. We are committed to using only the finest ingredients. You will not find any flavorings or colorings in our facility. The pistachio gelato is made with pistachios, the hazelnut gelato is made with hazelnuts, and the dulce de leche gelato is made with an authentic dulce de leche imported from Argentina.

Giovanna also puts a premium on authenticity.  Gelato’s Italian heritage inspired one of Giovanna’s signature flavor lines, stracciatella. Italian for “broken cloth,” stracciatella products are made with warm fudge that creates a delicate shell when it hits a cold surface. The shell is chipped into small pieces and the shavings are folded into the creamy gelato.

Over the years, Giovanna has worked with seasonal ingredients to create gelatos like pumpkin pie, apple pie and cinnamon and sorbet varieties like cranberry and apple cider.

Gelato has become one of today’s most popular desserts. It’s widely appreciated for its wholesome quality. It is produced with milk instead of cream and a special process that allows for a lower fat content and fewer calories than ice cream.

Try Giovanna for a taste of how gelato and have traditionally been and how they should always be.